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Bright Bird

Bright Bird
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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Here's Gracie!

On June 22 after several weeks of waiting Paul and I drove to St. Louis to meet our new pup and bring her home. She is a special companion dog for me and comes from Atlanta, Georgia being bred by Donna Truit of Anticipation Dalmatians in Tennessee.
This year in January and again in March we were greatly saddened to put down our Dalmatian girls Rocket and Lucky. Both were 14 years old and they just got too old and let us know it was time for them to leave us.
This was very stressful as many who have gone through it will tell you. We first said no more dogs! and just pretended to live. But after a few months we decided that our lives just sucked with out a dog and began to search for a rescue dog. All my applications in three states were rejected due to us being renters and not having a fence on our property. I was very down and frustrated. We kept looking at Dalmatians on line because we just love Dals and I was then recommended to Donna and we came to an agreement for a new puppy and she picked our pup out for us. I liked the name Bebop when I saw the first picture of her and Paul liked Bingo... after looking at a new picture of her on the computer we agreed on the name of Gracie and waited to meet her to see if it fit.
She is a female liver 'patch' so not a show dog, but all her markings and standards are just so show quality. The thing is she has a patch on her face instead of her ear. This is like the best patch ever as it makes her so unique and totally adorable. And it brought her to me!
These dogs are specially breed to do agility training and I would like to train her in it even if we do not compete. It is pricey, but I think I can make some of my own training equipment.
The point is that it gets me moving. I am so busy now with a new pup and painting for the next art show. Dalmatians are runners and I need to get Gracie out twice a day at least for some hard exercises.
It gets me some hard exercise too! Just what the doc recommended. And since this is my 60th birthday month what a great present to have for health, love and sharing our lives with a dog named Gracie with the green eyes!

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