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Bright Bird

Bright Bird
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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Cameron's blog

While house sitting in Hawaii in April I met lots of people. Across the Kaiwiki road from me was the land and home of Kaleo and Kalewa and they are growing pineapple! REAL Hawaiian pineapple. And working for them is Cameron and he lives in a yurt on their land. Talk story goes that Cameron met them in Colorado. Here is the link to Cameron's blog and and a link to the photos of the paintings I did of their homes that he so amazingly posted onto the blog! It is not easy doing paintings in Hawai'i because everyone has a dog that then starts to bark and then you get to meet the dogs owners and explain just why you are making their dog bark. I met lots of people and dogs in Hawai'i.....


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  1. Hi Joie!
    First of all, the blog looks like it's coming together really well! Congrats! If you've got any questions or run into any problems with it, lemme know. I've been around the block a few times with blogspot already, and might be able to help out.
    Second, thanks for the links to the site! It's much appreciated. I'll add a link to your blog from mine as well, if that's ok.
    Keep up the good work!