Lupus is a chronic, auto-immune disease in which the body's immune system forms antibodies that attack healthy tissues and organs. If left untreated, lupus can be serious and even life threatening. Here I share how I am using my artwork and learning music to navigate me towards a simple goal of daily peace~

Bright Bird

Bright Bird
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Tuesday, May 18, 2010



My name is Jennifer and I am an artist. I am also a person living with a chronic illness or two or three. It once was that my illness was a separate part of the way I was living. It consumed all of my life by becoming the core of my being and everything I did revolved around it. If you have a serious, even life threatening illness you understand how this happens. Or even with a flu or cold for a few days then quickly your daily life's routine is limited according to how you are feeling. You have to manage your illness so that you can function the best you can.

Now things are changing. I still have SLE Lupus. I still have Fibromyalgia and IBS. I have arthritis that is deforming my joints to the point of requiring surgeries. But now I am in charge because ...... of lots of reasons. Those reasons are all intertwined and connected. They created new events that caused new situations and I am still learning daily how to manage my chronic illnesses. And now my artwork has become the cornerstone to my health. It is changing the perspective I have about myself and my future.

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