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Bright Bird

Bright Bird
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Friday, December 9, 2011

In The Garden

   Recently I finished the first of two paintings owed toward the purchase of our little Dalmatian puppy Gracie. After 2 weeks of email negotiations we settled on the images of the two dogs, Waverly, who is actually Gracie's mother and Lucky who is her litter mate brother.
The watercolor painting is larger (unframed 16 X 20) since it contains two dogs. I had to scale the dogs together as they were from different photos and then we also wanted the tulips behind them. I opened up the eyes of the dogs from the photos because photos are hard to translate to art work and can look odd. Waverly is sitting on the stump with the geraniums behind her and Lucky is in the bed of ivy. The rest was up to me and I just faded the background using several images of the very beautiful gardens in Georgia where they live.
I can easily say the dogs were the easiest part! And the spots on a Dal actually forms the shape of the dog so having the spots correct is a must! But, I have not used a soft faded painted style in my work so I was on the phone to my dear friend Marty relaying my work and progress and gathering his input. He is great because he always calmly states that I always figure out what I want in the end and pull it off.
 So I just need him to record that for me so I can like play it daily..... maybe you should get one too! HA!

 As I worked this painting I really enjoyed how much Gracie reflects her mom in her.
Great fun, WHEW, now I am preparing to do one more painting for the other breeder and I have one I want to do of Gracie.

Gracie you're almost paid for!!!

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