Lupus is a chronic, auto-immune disease in which the body's immune system forms antibodies that attack healthy tissues and organs. If left untreated, lupus can be serious and even life threatening. Here I share how I am using my artwork and learning music to navigate me towards a simple goal of daily peace~

Bright Bird

Bright Bird
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Friday, December 9, 2011


Here is Gracie as a 10 week old puppy..... 'cept she isn't in Hawai'i, she is laying in the laundry room floor in the sun in Kansas! I chose this image of her to use for this painting. I then changed her and made her a black and no patch on her face and put her onto a beautiful lauhala mat under fronds of tropical foliage..... which she also has in her mouth! Gracie is a patched liver Dalmatian.
 The reason I made these dog image changes is that I wanted to do a true representation of a Dalmatian as this painting is being donated to the American Dalmatian Club for the research fundraiser in 2012. It will be nationally bid on with all the other entries to raise money for health research in dogs. The top 20 will be in competition for the cover of the annual publication too!
This painting is a watercolor 16 X 13 unframed.

This is my actual photo used of real patch puppy Anticipation Bodacious Gracie Green Eyes!

Wish us luck! Go Gracie!

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